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How Irlen East can help

Initial Assessments - Overlays - Coloured lenses

Irlen East provides assessments for children and adults to identify those who have Irlen. In-depth testing  can lead to the provision of assistance in the form of overlays, coloured paper, tinted special filter lenses and advice on modifications to the educational or workplace environment. Our diagnosticians give written reports after completion of the evaluation.

Environmental Audit

We can carry out an audit of the home, school, college or workplace with sensory issues in mind, especially Irlen.

Screener training

We run Irlen Screener training courses at our centre in Stowmarket, or by arrangement with the participating educational or medical staff at their place of work. Please contact us for further details

Awareness Sessions

Our staff will run Irlen awareness sessions for educational, employment and health professionals. These are arranged as and when required.

Colored Overlays

Irlen Overlays are the original coloured overlay technology. They are used by hundreds of thousands of students and over one-million people worldwide. Irlen Overlays are the only coloured overlays available backed by more than a decade of scientific research and used by more than 4,000 school districts worldwide.

Coloured overlays are most effective for individuals whose difficulties are isolated to reading. If you experience challenges with writing, maths, depth perception, night driving, or the environment, coloured filters (worn as glasses) will be your best treatment option. However, coloured overlays are an important first step in determining whether the Irlen Method can work for you and to provide your first experience with relief.

Treatment with Irlen Method

Irlen Spectral Filters are able to filter out the offending wave lengths of light which create the stress, thus allowing the brain to be able to make the normal adjustments for various lighting conditions, glare, and brightness.

Sunglasses are not enough. You may think they provide comfort and protection, but individuals who are light sensitive need to be protected from all lighting, not just sunlight. Individuals with light sensitivity wear their Irlen Spectral Filters from the time they wake up until they go to bed at night. Irlen Spectral Filters do not reduce brightness nor contrast while providing the same comfort as being in a dimly lit room. Since they do not make things darker, like sunglasses, they can even help with headlights at night.

We are pleased to work with Pukka Pads on producing these coloured notepads They were designed for those with visual perception difficulties. Being of good quality pape, writing is possible on both sides with low bleed through.

The use of formulated coloured paper and grey tinted ruling, with a margin  means the coloured pads can help those with Irlen syndrome.

Located within the inside front cover of the pad is a visual stress self-testing form. This will assist anyone with Irlen syndrome to assess which optimum colour of pad will help them.

Feedback from clients

I have just received them and am working in a library currently. I am impressed at how unnoticable the tinting is.

I look forward to noticing the affect on my everyday reading and working.


I thought you would like to know that the lenses are a great success so far. I wear them nearly all the time. I do feel that they help when I am talking to other people as well as when reading or using the computer. Lenses fitted into frames quickly, so I was able to wear the glasses on holiday.


Since getting my filters things have been easier at work (3 weeks in, and no migraines and migraine medication also stopped!  Hooray!).


I keep meaning to write to update you regarding my lenses. I cannot believe the difference. I wear them practically all the time and I have not had the awful fatigue in my eyes since. I used to find I could not cope with late nights at all due to the eye pain and subsequent headaches.

I can honestly say I have been able to stay up as long as I like and to read as much as I like – in fact I am now reading far more and far faster. No eye strain and none of the associated fatigue. While I am not mad on wearing glasses all the time it is worth every second.


I have worn filters for about 18yrs and have had several pairs of glasses and contact lenses. They have always made a huge difference to me.

It has been about 7yrs since my last test and both the glasses and lenses have aged beyond use.


I cannot stop reading !!! I can do it so much easier and about double the speed. It is all wonderful. I have been recording the improvements I have felt when wearing the new lenses. I will be able to drive I'm sure of that now and also want to do some postgraduate study. It has totally opened up my world!


I just wanted to let you know how I got on at the irlen centre yesterday.

Having tested a lot of lenses, I have found a particular pair which started to cause improvement in certain symptoms and behaviours. Firstly, I was able to read in a straight line without any deficits such as shimmering or losing my place. I revisited these afterwards and then started to notice more significant differences, such as a sharp increase in my eye contact, my attention to detail and subtleties in the environment (without just glancing at it until it became distorted) as well as my balance, anxiety and my overall speech.

I felt that as I looked around the environment, I could physically detect the blood flow in the back of my head shift, as the architecture of my brain began to shift to accommodate for this new way of functioning.

I acutely remember the experience and I can't wait to get the lenses as I couldn't ascertain the full amount of benefits in the time I had.



Irlen East have been working with the Irlen Method for thirty years in East of England covering the counties of Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire including Peterborough and Bedfordshire. We have trained hundreds of screeners to work largely in schools. During this time we have assessed thousands of individuals at our clinics, in the workplace, at schools and sometimes in the home.

We currently have a team of Irlen Diagnosticians covering our area. We all have many years of experience with Irlen Syndrome, alongside additional experiences of Special Education, Dyslexia and autistic spectrum disorders

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