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Headaches, Migraines

Migraine and headaches

Freedom from perceptual stress and light sensitivity.

Migraine and related pains can be triggered by many different factors. There are many migraine sufferers who do not get an accurate diagnosis and treatment. They may go through a variety of medication to find that none of it actually gives them freedom from the pain.

The Irlen Method and it's application in alleviating headaches or migraines has been researched for over 20 years. Many of those questioned report strain, tension, fatigue or headaches.

Clinical data collected by monitoring this population has shown that those with Irlen Syndrome suffering with headaches or migraines have experienced a reduction in symptoms by the application of colour. The individuals who have been helped have headaches or migraines related to perceptual stress from lighting or the environment.
These people may have been told that there is no medical reason for their problems and that their symptoms are related to stress They may have found that medication does not bring relief. Often avoidance of certain lighting situations can be partially helpful, but all lighting is stressful to a certain extent.

Persons suffering from perceptually-related headaches or migraines experience strain and stress from their environment, particularly lighting, bright colours, high contrast, stripes or patterns. They may be unaware of the extra energy and effort that they are constantly expending until a particularly stressful situation triggers a headache.


•Discomfort in either fluorescent light, bright light, LEDs, sunlight or strobe lighting

•Discomfort looking at certain bright or fluorescent colours

•Discomfort looking at certain stripes or patterns

•Discomfort from an environment which may be partially blurry, moving or distorting, especially under fluorescent lighting

•Problems with night driving

•Problems with glare from snow, water, rain or hazy days

•Stress or headaches from computer screens or reading

Other associated problems can include:

difficulty reading numbers

poor depth perception

difficulty reading music

poor concentration

visual disturbance

poor attention

inefficient reading

poor spatial awareness

driving fatigue


slow reading rate

poor reading comprehension


This patented method uses an innovative diagnostic assessment to determine the right colour from an almost limitless number of colours. Then the colour is applied to plastic lenses which are worn as glasses or the colour can be added to prescriptive lenses. 
Research at renowned universities has indicated that the difficulty may lie in the brain's inability to tolerate and process certain light wavelengths or colours. Irlen coloured glasses filter only the offending light waves without touching any of the other visual information.


The use of colour to remediate perceptually-based reading problems began with a U.S.A federal research grant in 1981. Since that time, this technique has gained increasing support as a result of worldwide studies.

Many thousands of individuals are using Irlen Coloured Filters and report moderate to significant improvement in areas such as reading ability, concentration, attention, depth perception, night blindness, strain, headaches and migraines.

This perceptual problem prevents an estimated 10-12% of the world's population from being able to read, study or function without suffering strain, fatigue or headaches. Until now, this causal factor has gone undiagnosed.

 Not every individual with headaches is a candidate for Irlen coloured spectral filter glasses as there may be more than one reason for their headaches.

Diagnostic testing by a certified practitioner will immediately determine whether you are a candidate who can be helped. Only a certified Irlen practitioner has the diagnostic tests and wide range of colours available to be able to determine the most beneficial colour.

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